Trial courts, criminal justice and social service agencies face high public expectations, limited funding, escalating caseloads and changing legislative mandates. Kate Harrison Consulting helps agencies provide more effective and efficient public services and achieve greater support from funding and oversight bodies. Our clients receive specific solutions and an implementation plan tailored to their needs. We can help your agency:

With twenty years of management experience in the executive and judicial branches, Kate Harrison leads a select group of creative problem solvers and skilled policy analysts.

Our teams have proven problem-solving expertise in government and in management consulting. Acutely aware of the public interest and restricted budgets under which public and non-profit agencies operate, we quickly identify opportunities to improve operations and articulate them to policy makers. Find out more here.

In the last decade, Kate Harrison Consulting has served agencies in 31 California counties, eight states and eleven nations overseas.

  • "Kate brings a broad statewide and national perspective to any project. Anyone who engages this strong, skilled professional will have invested their resources wisely."
  • "Kate Harrison Consulting was invaluable in helping the court think through the issues, garner support for and launch our new Alternative Dispute Resolution program. The firm's experience and knowledge of case management contributed substantially to making our program a reality, not just a plan. David Blicker, ADR Administrator, Yolo Superior Court."