Client Comments

Kate Harrison led strategic budget planning trainings in three pilot courts in Nigeria as well as a study tour for budget officers to the United States on the National Center for State Courts' USAID-funded Nigeria Rule of Law Project. Kate did a fantastic job. We were pleased with the improved cooperation and budget development process that resulted and the Nigerian participants were extremely complementary of her expertise and leadership.

Client: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under contract to the National Center for State Courts

The Challenge: The Nigerian government and OSMD's aims were to strengthen judicial branch budgeting in Nigeria through training of and action planning with federal and state judicial and government representatives.

Our Approach

We provided budget, management and strategic planning training to over 150 participants in three locations in Nigeria, followed by action planning and site visits to selected American court systems. Comparisons with U.S. and other systems helped the Nigerian government select the best budgetary model for its judiciary.

The Results

Significant improvements in the budget process leading to:

  • A 120% increase in the judiciary’s budget in a single year.
  • Improvements in the presentation and justification of budgets through use of performance standards, outcome reports and long-range strategic planning.
  • A streamlined budget cycle.
  • Alternatives for appropriate and efficient sharing of budget responsibilities between the branches of government, the federal and state government and the Judicial Council and the courts.
  • Options for incentive-based financial policies.
  • An assessment of the adequacy of management structures and technology for financial self-management.


Phase I: Kate Harrison and Lesley Duncan

Phase II: Kate Harrison

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